Breaking the Rules


“Yes,” Jack answered, downing the rest of his coffee. “I can’t just stop loving you. I can move on, but I haven’t…not while you’re still around. I guess I was always holding out hope that you might remember me someday…” Jack should have known the next question would come up eventually. Ianto had taken everything else he’d been told fairly well and Jack just hoped that would continue. “Mostly human. I’m a time traveler from the 51st century but I got stuck here and have been living here for a very long time. Something happened to me a long time ago, something not even I can explain very well, but I died and someone brought me back to life. But they brought me back forever and now I can’t die. Every time I do, I just come back. Different from you though. You’re all human.”

Jack’s face lit up when Ianto remembered the TARDIS. “Yes! That’s right. Maybe you can remember some things…maybe if I help you…”

Ianto listened to him carefully. This guy was from the future technically? And he couldn’t die? Hes probably had many other lovers before him. “Why isn’t this bothering me. It should be really bothering me, especially since my memory was supposed to have been wiped.” He sipped his drink and sighed, “So you live forever…that means you’ve had many other lovers, and if you live forever I’m sure you would have had to leave them behind…so why me? why save me and not the others you’ve loved? I’ll let you help once I trust you more.”







5x04 ~ The End

6x20 ~ The Man Who Would Be King

8x10 ~ Torn and Frayed

9x18 ~ Meta Fiction


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the bend


and slap


I don’t even watch Star Trek but that is the most graceful bitchslap I have ever seen.

this is amazing



it’s not that i’m not a “morning person” i love mornings

i’m just not a “waking up person”

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"I’d love to go back and see the rest."

"Well when ever you are free to do it, just let me know. I’d have to buy a phone though," she chuckled. 

Ianto smiled, “I can help you pick one of you’d like. And maybe you can help start decorate this weekend?”



"Don’t worry about it love. I want to be here to comfort you."

She nodded. “Jack would never take her, would he?”

Ianto shook his head, “Of course not!”

soullessbobbysinger asked: Hey, Ianto, was wondering if you'd seen Jack recently?













Ianto shook his head, “No, why?”

Umm, kinda wanted some help with something.  But that’s ok.  Got a question for ya, been seeing any strange bodies showing up in your neck of the woods?

"Maybe I could help? There hasn’t been much. A couple of weevil kills…actually, can you take a look at this body we found? We don’t know what happened."

Sure.  *Bobby came to look but pretty sure what he would find.*  Yeah.  Looks like he dropped dead, scene smelled like sulfur?  This was what I wanted to talk to you guys about.  It ain’t alien.  

Ianto nodded, “Yeah, I suppose it did smell a little of sulphur.”

Demon.  Or demon-kind anyway.  I was kinda afraid of this. 

"Can you help?"

Ain’t sure there is much to do.  This is the Bounty Hunter.  Ain’t no way to kill him, an’ he’s taking souls that shoulda been taken years ago.   Bes thing to do is stay out of his way. 

"So we should just let him kill peopl?"

I ain’t sure there is much else you Can do Ianto.  This thing don’t respect humans as anything other than souls an’ someone gets in his way, they die hard or bloody.  An’ if he’s really pissed, they go downstairs. 

"Well I suppose well just have to clean up after then. Do you know who he’s targeting?"

Anyone who made a deal and lived. I could probably get you names, but what good would that do when he don die?

"Well, we can’t just have a bunch of murders showing up. Well have to take care of the families and make stuff up."

ticktockgoestheeleventhhour asked: [text: Coffee Boy] Hey I'm stuck in these handcuffs I found around your desk. I need help





[text: Pond] what?! you really shouldn’t mess with stuff like that, especially if you don’t have the key.

[text: Pond] i’ll be right there…if i can find the key

[text: Coffee Boy] What were you doing with handcuffs next to your desk?

[text: Coffee Boy] Wait was that a thing you a Jack used?

[text: Coffee Boy] Ew ew ew. Get em off of me!!!!

Ianto smirked at the text. He searched around for the key but couldn’t find it. He sighed and grabbed the chain cutters

[text: Pond] coming with chain cutters. Couldn’t find the key.

Amy groaned out loud. She didn’t know what urge made her put them on, but she hadn’t realize she was stuck to the desk in the first place. A random thought of Ianto stuck in these made her blush.

[text: Coffee Boy] Hurry up right now!

Ianto went up to where she was, “Amy, why did you even put them on?”

jonesannalynnejones asked: ◉ (I tried to stop her, I really did. But she has a thing for big red buttons.)





9. our characters switch bodies

"Wha-" Ianto noticed his higher pitched voice, "What the hell happened?"

"I don’t think it can get much worse." She grumbled as she sat back. "No offense, I just miss my own body already."

Ianto chuckled, “I miss line as well.”

"Have you angered an old woman lately?" The question was sudden, but it had been the first thing to come to her mind. She shrugged, chuckling softly.  "Maybe its a Freaky Friday thing. Maybe we just have to realize what its like to walk in the others’ shoes?"

Ianto looked at her, an eyebrow raised, “An old woman? No.”

saphire-emeralde asked: Your muse notices someone hitting on mine. Your muse’s possessive/overprotective side comes out. How do they react?---- "He's married. Back off or I'll break you."

Ianto chuckled and wrapped his arms around Saphire, “Thanks love.”

Anonymous asked: I follow you because you're an amazing Ianto and because my character loves to annoy yours. Not to mention you are an amazing person.


Guys sorry I haven’t been rping lately. Ianto’s been on break or something. I’ll try to get to them ASAP

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Sentence Meme {Cuddle Fluff Edition}


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"How many pets do you have?"

"Your hair is almost as soft as your blanket."

"I’m gonna use you as my pillow, ok?"

"If you come cuddle, you can pick the movie."

"You sound tired."

"Aww, listen to that little yawn!"

"Read quieter, I can’t sleep."

"Oh, come on!  You have to know at least one lullaby."

"Don’t worry, I’ll make breakfast in the morning."